November 17, 2012

To Paint a Picture [Photos]

Step 1: Have someone who knows what they are doing, draw you a food-web mural...
(Shout-out to Sally, the one who knew what she was doing!)

Step 2: Draw the food-web connections with the kids.
Step 3: Erase most of your connections, so your mural doesn't look like a ball of string.

Step 4: Trace your mural.
Step 5: Give the kids paint and paintbrushes, commence praying.

Step 6: Halt painting.
Step 7: Explain the concept of painting.

Step 8: Cheer everyone on, especially the young man painting a wasp pink.

Step 9: Attract a large audience.
Step 10: Fail to disperse large audience.

Step 11: Keep cheering.
Step 12: Keep praying.

Step 12: Congratulate everyone on a job spectacularly well done!

Step 13: Return furtively to "touch-up" the mural.

Step 14: Create a "key" to your food-web mural.
Step 15: Acknowledge your "key" may make things more confusing.

Step 16: Two weeks after beginning, declare your mural finished!!

Special Thanks: 
Club Green (we are proud of our unidentified species!),
Sally (without you it would have looked like a ball of string),
and SEPALI (for the projector).

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